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Office Partitioning

Fantastic Commercial & Office Partitioning Solutions – Affordable Budgets

Charter Interiors Limited can offer you an experienced team and a broad range of office partitioning solutions to suit your needs and your budget

Partitioning FI

We have vast experience in fitting all types of solid composite, stud and track, timber and glazed office partitions.

If you would like to discuss your partitioning requirements please give us a call – 0121 382 1313

Because of our experience we have designed and manufactured a brand new, totally fresh and unique system.

Circum Core_LOGO

Circum Core has more features than ever before available.

If you’d like to look at the design and choice of Circum Core then please download a free brochure from the Circum Core Web Site.

Circum Core has been used with huge success in a medical teaching unit and offices so far.

However the potential for other environments is great.

 Circum Core can be adapted to create bespoke spaces such as reception areas and even furniture.

The system is made from quality hardwoods – NO MDF wraps are used.

Circum Core FI

 Quite simply, we believe Circum Core is the future of wood partitioning!

Suspended Ceilings


Suspended Ceilings

Are you looking for a suspended ceiling and/or fire protection?

From the smallest of offices to the largest of areas, Charter Interiors offers the complete suspended ceiling service from start to finish.

Exposed grid systems

Concealed grid systems

MF Systems.

Non standard bulkhead details

Free floating ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

Why Install a Suspended Ceiling?

Want to get rid of those nasty oblique pipes and wires that are a real eye sore?

If you want to freshen up your office, class room, or any room in a commercial property, you should consider investing in a suspended ceiling system.

Suspended ceilings are an extension to the existing ceiling made of metal grids suspended from a ceiling by wires. Once the grids are made, tile panels are dropped into the grid, which hide the pipes and wires above. The use of suspended ceilings is widely used in offices and schools where it is necessary to hide air ducts and pipes in order to give a professional look and comply with health and safety regulations.

In today’s society, where appearances are paramount in business, it is very important to have that professional edge in order to look the part and make your employees feel they are part of a well established business. The fundamental reason suspended ceilings were designed was to cover and hide outstanding pipes and ducts that would usually stick out like a sore thumb. By hiding these ugly building works, the room appears much more presentable and gives off a much more professional look than it would if the pipes were visible.

Sound Insulation 

Another main reason suspended ceilings are used is for their sound absorption. Depending on the material used and the way they are made means that there is better sound absorption. If you require suspended ceilings for better sound absorption then denser tiles are needed. This will limit the vibrations caused, making it harder for sound to travel through the tiles. Furthermore, soundproofing material can be added in between the gap of the suspended ceiling and the original ceiling which will stop sound travelling through. This is a very good way of keeping sound insulated, allowing other offices and classrooms to remain undisturbed.


Cost Savings 

Furthermore, installing thermal insulation above the suspended ceiling is very energy efficient and will save you money on your heating bills.


Another benefactor of suspended ceilings is that they hide uneven ceilings. By covering them up with a level ceiling the slant is gone, instantly improving the look of any room. By adjusting the grid on installation, any angle can be made, even if a slanted ceiling is what is required. Suspended ceilings also have the power of being highly versatile. Once installed, they can be constantly altered. Panels can be removed and replaced with different materials and colours, in order to achieve the exact look you want. Even if you decide you want a change in the design, you can easily carry it out. You can also create fluorescent light panels and by doing this you can install lights anywhere in the room quickly and cheaply.

From this it is possible to see that suspended ceilings are more than just a subtle way of hiding obscure pipes and wires. They can be used to change a room’s entire appearance, improve sound proofing of a room and create that edge of professionalism in your office, school, hospital, supermarket or any other commercial room. 

Charter Interiors supply and install a comprehensive range of suspended ceilings, with an extensive range of ceiling panels, tiles and cladding to meet any performance, specification and budget.

From new build to full refurbishment, we can provide you with a reliable and professional suspended ceiling and lighting installation. 

 From design to construction, Charter Interiors can deliver a suspended ceiling system to suit your needs and space.

Please contact us on 0121 382 1313 or email us by filling in the form on our Contact us page for a comprehensive site inspection, design advice, and a competitive quote.

Office Furniture

Mezzanine Floors

Why install a Charter Interiors Mezzanine Floors?

Many companies run out of floor space and as a result consider moving to a larger and often more expensive premises.

If you have an area, say a warehouse or factory, with unused headroom, a cheaper alternative can be to stay where you are and to install a Charter Interiors Mezzanine Floor.

New Mezzanine Floors can be designed for many different uses including Storage, Workshops and Offices. Many clients continue to use the area under the Mezzanine for its original purpose, while using the space on their new mezzanine floors to satisfy their additional space requirements. It is of course possible to utilise the areas under and on the new mezzanine for offices, meeting rooms, washrooms, a canteen, in fact almost anything you can think of. We have even installed floors for such diverse uses as a Printing Plant and Industrial Freezers.

Once constructed the rooms on and below a mezzanine floor are virtually indistinguishable from a conventional building. All those services required to make a modern building function, can easily be installed during the construction process.

Depending on the headroom available Charter Interiors can design and install multi-storey mezzanines that take full advantage of the available space. In most cases you do not need Planning Permission to install a Mezzanine Floor, however, Local Authority Building Regulations must be complied with, and equality is a consideration. Charter Interiors have many years of experience in installing Mezzanine Floors and our team can handle the total process for you.

Charter Interiors can also undertake all the fire protection work that are related with installing a new mezzanine floor by fitting fire rated column casings and up to 1 hour fire rated suspended ceilings, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

From design….


To completion….


To summarise, installing a Charter Interiors Mezzanine can save you money by eliminating those costs associated with a move.

Carpets & Flooring

Carpet & Flooring FI

Choosing what type of floor covering can be a problem as there are not only many different types of floor coverings but also a huge range of colours, textures & finishes to consider.

Charter Interiors Ltd have specialised in flooring contracts for over thirty years providing carpeting, carpet tiles and other types of flooring for the commercial sector.

We offer a professional, nationwide, supply and fitting service at competitive prices.

We can deliver a broad range of commercial floor coverings ranging from safety vinyls through to special design Axminster cushion backed carpet tiles. 



Choose from……

  • Laminate Flooring
  • Real wood flooring
  • Vinyl plank
  • Painted/ Epoxy flooring
  • Homogenous vinyl coverings
  • Non slip safety vinyl
  • Acoustic floor coverings
  • Vinyl plank timber effect flooring
  • Budget contract floor covering
  • Contract carpet tiles
  • Luxury Axminster carpet tiling
  • Contract and luxury sheet carpets

Charter’s highly skilled flooring fitters will take up and remove from site your existing floor coverings (CIL are Waste carrier registered) and prepare your floor to ensure that you get a flat, even finish.

Threshold strips and nosing fitted as required and all waste is removed from site after fitting is complete and checked for quality.





Circum Core

Circum Core_LOGO

Circum Core FI

Designed and Developed By Charter Interiors Limited:

Circum Core was nominated for two awards by AIS last year – The Eco Innovation Award and the Product Innovation Award in October 2010. Circum Core was a runner up in the final decision, we feel proud to have been nominated.

Circum Core was developed by Charter Interiors Ltd to provide the partitioning market with a product that was environmentally kinder, easier to construct for the contractor and visually more appealing than MDF systems for the designer and the client….Read More? Click Here

Sektor 128 Wood Swap 1 RS3_V2_04 (FLAT) (3)

Please click on the above logo to visit the Circum Core Web Site or


Scan the QR below for more details.

Office Refurbishments

Charter Interiors Ltd have over thirty years experience in the commercial refurbishment sector and are able to offer a quality, complete refurbishment and fit out service.

Office Furniture FI

With a wealth of experience in partitioning, redecorating, flooring and furniture supply we can realise your ideal working environment and make best use of working spaces. We can guide you from consultation, through specification and design to completion to ensure that your refurbished commercial space meets your requirements and design parameters perfectly.

Over the years Charter have developed close working relationships with many highly skilled trades and use only tried and tested workforce and contractors to ensure that excellent service and workmanship are always maintained. Charter are also registered with Constructionline and the Association of Interior Specialists.

untitled       aislogo

Whether you require a simple redecoration or a full refurbishment and reshape of existing working spaces Charter assures you will receive the same excellent customer service and attention to detail.

Charter are waste carrier registered and will remove all waste from site so you need not worry about safe disposal of old/existing fixtures and fittings. Charter are committed to environmental standards improvement.

Office Refurbishment FI

Charter have a health and safety policy and code of conduct for workers which is available upon request.

Charter have worked closely with furniture manufacturers for many years and can supply both budget contract office furniture and high quality, fine dining and lounge furniture for the leisure industry.


Whatever your commercial interiors requirement Charter are fully able to provide the complete solution.