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Circum Core – Designed and Developed By Charter Interiors Limited:

Circum Core was developed by Charter Interiors Ltd to provide the partitioning market with a product that was environmentally more friendly. 

It was engineered to be a system that is easy to build for the Contractor. 

Created to be more visually appealing than MDF systems for the Designer and the Client….Read More? Click Here


Fully glazed for a modern look, sustainable and stylish. 


We understood the limitations of existing systems.  We were uninspired by what was available on the market, therefore developed our own system. 

We used our vast experience of installing partitioning to create what we believe to be a superior timber partitioning system.

What is Circum Core? 

Circum Core is a glazed partitioning system with a hardwood timber frame.

The system comprises of seven main sections and has a unique circular corner pole. The corner pole allows any section to be fitted at any angle which means all kinds of spaces can be created. This is especially useful in older buildings where rooms are not necessarily square.

The hollow corner pole can accommodate cables and services, this means there’s no need for ugly trunking. 

The system is available in a variety of hardwood finishes. The timber sections can be mixed and matched to give some wonderful design options.

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Circum Core FI


Circum Core was previously nominated for two awards by the FIS (formerly AIS) 

The Eco Innovation Award and the Product Innovation Award in October 2010.

Circum Core was a runner up in the final decision.

We feel proud to have been nominated !

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